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Imacasa 14 Inch Burriquito Machete

Imacasa 14 Inch Burriquito Machete
Item# IM0975-14D14-PRLI
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Product Description

The burriquito machete is a very stout, wide machete good for cleaving and hewing. Lacking a long reach, this is really a chopping implement with one of the widest blades available.

Brand: Imacasa

Country of Origin: El Salvador

Total Length: 19 inch

Blade Length: 14 inch

Blade thickness above handle/at tip: 2 mm/1 mm

Blade width at handle/widest point: 6 cm/14 cm

Blade Composition: SAE 1074 High-Carbon Steel

Blade Detail: Grooved, Polished Blade. Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective. Primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge.

Style: Panga, Weighted

Handle: Poly Handle with Brass Rivets

Features: Known as "Burriquito" in Dominican Republic. No sheath.

Features en Espanol: Conocido como "Burriquito" en Republica Dominicana.

Warranty: Imacasa warrants this product against any defects in workmanship or material. If defective please return to us and we will replace product free of charge.