Care & Maintenance for Your Machete

Blade Care

Stainless steel machete blades, though not invulnerable to rust, are generally much easier to maintain than carbon steel blades. Stainless steel machetes maintain their bright, shiny appearance and are ideal for display and decorative use. Oiling regularly, though it does not hurt, is not necessary for stainless machetes.

Carbon Steel blades and more easily corroded, and should always be covered with a light layer of oil to inhibit rust. The oil prevents moisture from corroding the blade. Use a non-detergent oil, preferably 3 in 1 oil.

Always thoroughly dry your machete after it has had any contact with liquid or moisture.

Handle Care

Plastic handles are fairly maintenance-free. Wooden handles, which can crack or warp when exposed to moisture, can be kept in good condition by periodically applying lemon oil or furniture polish.

Storing Your Machete

When storing, keep your machete in a dry environment, as humidity will damage the blade. If rust does begin to develop, clean it off as soon as you can to prevent further damage.

We do not recommend storing your machete in a sheath when not in the field, as moisture can condense inside the sheath and rust the blade. If you do store your machete in the sheath, liberally oil the inside to keep moisture from the blade, and check periodically to make sure rust is not forming.

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