Cold Steel 13 Inch Kukri Machete with PVC Handle and Cordura Nylon Sheath

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Cold Steel
  • Blade Length:  13″
  • Overall Length: 18″
  • Textured hard polypropylene handle
  • Bush Style SAE 1055 High-Carbon Steel with Black Baked-On Anti Rust Matte Finish
  • Imported from South Africa
  • Primary grind established at factory but may require further sharpening for desired edge.
  • Sheath included

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There are very few blades in the world that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. It’s true that some of the best Kukris (like our Gurkha model) can be somewhat expensive, and while that “thoroughbred” performs extraordinarily well, sometimes what’s required is a good, inexpensive, “workhorse” model – and our Kukri Machetes are those workhorses!

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Blade Length

13 in.

Total Length

18 in.


11 oz.

Weight with Sheath

1 lb. 4 oz.

Width at Widest Point

2 13/16 in.

Blade Composition

1055 High Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

3.0 mm. / 2.8 mm.

Blade Style

Blade Detail

Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.

Full Tang


Handle Features

Lanyard Hole

Handle Material

Hard Plastic / Polypropylene

Handle Style


Sheath Material


Country of Origin

South Africa

Based on 4 reviews

3.8 overall

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  1. Sunny

    Found one of these along a river bank, rusted and beat up. I tested it out chopping at some vines and it still seemed to have a bit of an edge. Took it back home and cleaned it up. I noticed after wire-wheeling the rust off that it said “south africa” and above that were some letters that I couldn’t make out. Googled “machete made in south africa manufacturer” and found this listing. Seems to be a match. Not sure how long this thing was sitting out in the elements, but it seems to have stayed in fair shape aside from rust divots and some dulling of the blade
    After an amateur sharpening, it seems to be working alright now. Nice weight, and the material seems to be of decent quality. Not bad!


  2. Lamar White

    It was inexpensive and I got what I paid for. It will take an edge but not hold it very well. Lacks the weight for serious chopping.
    I like Cold Steel and Kukris but I don’t think I would by this again.

    Lamar White

  3. Charles

    My favorite short machete.

    – Fits easily in a pack for hiking or camping.
    – Chops with the power of a much longer, heavier blade.
    – Easy to get razor sharp and maintain.
    – Pointed tip tough enough to dig holes.
    – Belly slices like a chef’s knife.
    – Can carve and whittle enough for most camp needs.
    – Handle easily modified for fit and comfort.
    – Sheath is effective and durable.

    – Handle uncomfortable in stock form.
    – Baked-on coating wears poorly.
    – Stock edge rough.


  4. Thomas Keadle

    Have owned one of these for several years and really no complaints about machete itself. Can take a razors edge. Don’t sharpen until an inch above quillion or very easy to cut yourself. Sheath holds up OK after time but not great. Solid tool and very compact capable chopper.

    Thomas Keadle