Condor 14 Inch Golok Machete With Leather Sheath CTK41014HCS

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  • Blade Length: 14″
  • Overall Length:  19″
  • Golok style 1075 high carbon steel blade with black powder epoxy finish
  • Walnut handle
  • Imported from El Salvador
  • Arrives razor sharp from the factory, no additional sharpening required but some users may desire a different edge angle.
  • Heavy duty thick leather sheath included

***WARRANTY:  Condor Tools are warranted to be free of defects in materials, manufacture or assembly for the lifetime of the original purchaser.  Damage due to abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered.  Defective products will be repaired, replaced or substituted with the same item or item of equal value.    Please email us at [email protected] with pictures of the defective item and we will work to get the issue resolved.


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The CTK410-14HC Golok Machete: Condor’s Best Machete?

The Condor 14-Inch Golok Machete (CTK41014HCS)  is one of Condor’s top sellers and is definitely a favorite of Machete Specialists buyers. There really is no wonder why. This Golok Machete has a gorgeous walnut handle that is curved to sit in your grip perfectly; making it feel like an extension of your arm. The graceful, traditional golok design of the blade paired with a 14-inch length blade makes this a very versatile tool that can be used for many different tasks like chopping thick vegetation, slashing through tall grass, or looking amazing as you slice through a watermelon with ease.  The CTK410-14HCS comes with a very thick real leather sheath. You’ll need it because these blades come razor sharp from the factory. The blade is painted black as well so if this machete is a gift, it is perfect for laser etching as well.

If you’re looking for a great unorthodox Father’s Day gift that is also extremely useful, look no further than the CTK41014HCS. You may think that a 14 inch golok machete is too short. On the contrary, the 14″ golok blade is the perfect length without becoming unwieldy or heavy.

Condor’s CTK41014HC Golok Machete : The Quality and Beauty You Expect

Condor machetes are unsurpassed in the quality of their craftsmanship. All Condor Tool and Knife machetes come with a sheath whether it be heavy duty leather, ballistic nylon, or kydex. The extra item you get with each Condor product (that we can’t put a price on) is the peace of mind knowing that you are using a truly superior cutting tool that is guaranteed for life.

Condor originated in Solingen, Germany and has been producing quality machetes for over 225 years. The company’s roots are in military tools; however, over the years they have expanded operations to produce a wide range of high quality agricultural tools to better serve customers from various countries.

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Blade Length

14 in.

Total Length

19 in.


1 lb. 10 oz.

Weight with Sheath

2 lb. 1 oz.

Width at Widest Point

1 3/4 in.

Blade Composition

1075 High Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

5.88 mm. / 3.55 mm.

Blade Style

Full Tang


Handle Features

Lanyard Hole, Rivited

Handle Material


Sheath Material


Country of Origin

El Salvador

Based on 14 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Steven Jones

    Best machete I have ever had, didn’t like the black paint on it so I cleaned it off. I’ll be doing a machete review on my you tube channel, backwoodsman of america.

    Steven Jones

  2. Lil’ Jefe

    We have some honchos in my neighborhood if you know what I mean. Sometimes you just have to show people what you are and where you are at. I’ve been using this Golok in my backyard where everyone can see to let them know what’s up. They’ve been eyeballing me funny but I know in the end they got the message I’m sending. Everyone respects a machete especially when you wield it like it like it’s an extension of your soul.

    Lil’ Jefe

  3. Kountryboy

    Beautifully made knife. I really wanted to like it, but the blade is too thick and the bevel of the edge is not right for the kind of cutting I do. The sheath is super tight, so no worries about it falling out. I will have to try to rework the edge so that it will cut limbs and woody vines better. The Duku machete is much better for my needs and I really like it. I had read so many glowing reviews on the Golok that I thought I would try it. Live and learn.


  4. Richard Bartoletti

    This knife cuts through brush so fast you have to watch you don’t hurt yourself. The sheath does hold moisture, so you have to keep the blade well oiled.

    Richard Bartoletti

  5. mongrel66

    Fine tool… Blade has heft and thickness that makes brush clearing a chore.. but makes bushcraft a dream. Handle needs a bit of smoothing but that was an easy fix. full tang is great. this is my goto long blade and has replaced both a hatchet and small axe in my gear list. Sheath is meh… mostly bc it has no molle.. but it covers the blade.. and it rides in my gear not on my hip like a sword.
    high carbon steel.. requires lube.. leather sheath holds moisture..
    batons wood very well.. chops well for me.
    this golock
    an esee 5
    ..havalon razor.. and a japanese saw.. should be set for life.


  6. Ray (verified owner)

    Nice knife! Blade angle seems a little steep, my guess is to protect the blade if it is used for heavy chopping. It is difficult to get it in and out of the heavy leather sheath. Seems like a lifetime tool that i expect to use on many adventures !


  7. Tom Guillet (verified owner)

    This machete has a great feel to it and seems to be very sturdy.the fit of the handles to the blade is great and the balance is excellent and the edge is sharp.can’t wait to use it.the lifetime warranty is just icing on the cake

    Tom Guillet

  8. James O.

    Extremely pleased with this machete. This is my go-to tool for woody brush work. If I were allowed only one blade for long term wilderness survival, this would be a top contender. Yes it’s one of the pricier ones, but “you get what you pay for” applies. 34 years in Fire Rescue career, I know the tools to work well and last. This is one of those tools.

    James O.

  9. Audrey (verified owner)

    My husband said this 14 inch Condor is the best he has ever seen in his 45 years of working. Top quality, heaveyduty, and looks great.


  10. Jason Steinbach

    This is a wonderful Machette. I bought it for my 17yr old daughter. She can handle it very easy. Sharp and balanced. I recommend this to everyone.

    Jason Steinbach

  11. Matt P

    This machete is the best tool I have. It’s perfectly weighted with a strong, heavy blade. This thing isn’t flimsy at all and has a great finish on the handle. I’d recommend this to anyone.

    Matt P

  12. Bryan J

    Condor is a company that stands by their word. I purchased a different one of their machetes four years ago. Last month I was helping a friend clear a lot that he purchased and the tool broke. I contacted and within minutes received an email from Shelly that wanted to make everything right. She went above and beyond to exceed every customer service goal! Thank you Shelly and

    Bryan J

  13. Jim

    Completely satisfied with this machete. Was well sharpened right out of the box and the quality was top end. The heavy blade and excellent handle design makes quick work of heavier brush and bushes.
    The leather sheath included was top notch quality and finish.
    This is a life long quality tool that is reflected in the lifetime warranty.


  14. David H.

    This is an amazing machete. Thick heavy-duty blade, well-balanced, beautiful wood handle. Instant favorite.

    David H.