Hansa 24 Inch Aguila Rula Machete with Red Handle

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Hansa Machetes, Ecuador
  • Blade Length: 24″
  • Red handle makes it easier to locate if  you lay it down
  • Polished high carbon steel quenched and tempered to maximum flexibility
  • Primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge.
  • Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective.
  • Sheath sold separately

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A moderately weighted machete popular in Ecuador and Colombia, this machete features a red handle, single grooved blade, and a spey tip.

Hansa Machetes are made in Ecuador, and are well-known for quality among those who use them frequently. The Hansa brand is popular as an agricultural tool for farmers in the Andes region of South America, as well as a standard issue survival tool for the Ecuadorian Special Forces. You will not find these machetes for sale anywhere else in North America.

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Blade Length

24 in.

Total Length

29 1/4 in.


1 lb. 1 oz.

Width at Widest Point

2 3/8 in.

Blade Composition

High Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

1.77 mm. / 1.20 mm.

Blade Style

Blade Detail

Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.

Handle Features


Handle Material

Hard Plastic / Polypropylene

Country of Origin


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4.5 overall

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  1. Jay Reiter

    Good machete. This is a tool not a custom made knife. I started with a belt sander to reprofile. Fine file to draw file edge. Then stone to finish. Like other machetes the handle scales are not flush with the tang. Filed and sanded the scales to fit. BTW got mine at the swap meet $10

    Jay Reiter

  2. J. Kirstein (verified owner)

    This machete is made of good quality material. Though the steel is basically good i had to put some hours of work into it to make it the high quality tool it is now. The Surface itself was kind of rough and the cutting edge was not sharp though it was able to cut small branches leaving ’em shattered because of its impact force. The blade was also not perfectly relaxed and straight, so i went to a local forge to fit it properly. I had to sharpen it on a grindstone and hammered on it to break crystal structures here an there. Especially at tip an back it was slightly tense. Now the Blade slips through 5cm Willow wood like butter. The Blade is not stiff, wobbles a little when you swing it like original aguilas are supposed to. Sound is clear like a Bell. I love to work with It! Btw I had an old Aguila Machete in my hands, the hansa is heavier and still is made of good metal but does not reach qualidad and forging purrfection of the blade. This, you have to accomplish yourself finishing it.

    J. Kirstein

  3. MICHAEL WARD (verified owner)

    This machete came with an edge that had the carbon burned out of it.not good, not bad.just the truth.
    It can be recovered. But when you hand sharpen, it is tedious.


  4. D.B

    Best machete I have, and I have a lot. Nick it hard with your fingernail, it will ring like a bell. Steel and hardening is well.Shave your edge on it and you’ll be swell.
    Second mention would be a Hansa 24 Tres Canales Yegua paired with a Tramotina 14 Bolo for homestead, and for lightweight travel a Tramotina 14 Bush.


  5. Josh Lewis

    Land surveyor in Georgia. This is the blade. It is the best on vines and light stuff.

    Josh Lewis

  6. W. Kiernan

    I’m a land surveyor in Florida, and this is my favorite machete. Not too heavy, not too light, and the red handle makes it harder to misplace.

    W. Kiernan