Imacasa 14 Inch Bolo Machete

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Imacasa Machetes, El Salvador
  • Blade Length: 14  1/2″
  • Overall Length: 19″
  • Natural color wood handle
  • Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective.
  • Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.
  • Sheath Sold Separately

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The rounded bolo machete comes factory sharpened on both edges of the blade, creating one circular cutting surface. The traditional edge can be used for slicing, while the backside can be used for chopping or vice-versa.

Imacasa is based in Santa Ana, El Salvador, but produces machetes for almost all of the Americas. Imacasa machetes and cutting tools are designed to excel in industries such as agricultural, construction and gardening.

Imacasa is the sister company of Condor Machetes, whose reputation of producing quality machetes has been established for over two centuries.

Like Condor, Imacasa produces excellent quality machetes and has a marketing policy directed toward customer satisfaction in each region. With their willingness to adapt to local styles and quality manufacturing, Imacasa machetes have received great acceptance and a big demand in many markets.

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Blade Length

14 in.

Total Length

20 3/4 in.


1 lb.

Width at Widest Point

3 in.

Blade Composition

1075 High Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

2.34 mm. / 1.34 mm.

Blade Style

Blade Detail

Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.

Full Tang


Handle Features


Handle Material


Country of Origin

El Salvador

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3.0 overall

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  1. James M.

    I agree with Tim W’s review. I like this machete and I am glad I bought it, would definitely buy again. I am married to a Filipina and travel to the Philippines fairly often. This machete hangs out with my Tramontinas there. I really like the versatility of this machete as an all-around tool. I do find that the Imacasa machetes require some work. But I think they send the blades more ‘blank’ so you can work it to your needs. I have never had an Imacasa perfect out of the box, but I have never returned one either! They are tools and I love them. If I could I would give this a 4.5.

    James M.

  2. Tim W.

    Versatile tool!

    Things to know:
    Comes dull as a butter knife.
    Only last 2/3 of lower blade, 1/3 of upper blade, pretends to be sharpened.
    Finish on wood handle is rough.
    Handle tang is rectangular in shape, doesn’t follow shape of handle at all.
    There’s a tang width gap between the handle pieces all the way around.
    I had to tighten a handle rivet with a punch and hammer when I first got it. I’ve had it for years now with no more loosening.

    Some of the above sound like negatives but are there for a reason. The recessed tang keeps it away from one’s corrosive sweaty hand. The gap between the scales adds a significant amount of grip, resists twisting forces. The unsharpened first third of the blade ahead of the handle is right at the balance point. Holding it here makes fine tasks easier.

    It didn’t take long to sharpen with a file and it holds a great edge. The edge will roll instead of chipping. A brief sanding was sufficient for the handle. My sample is very slightly spoon shaped, excellent for digging, but not enough to impede chopping. The concave back edge is awesome for slicing through thorny hanging vines or just moving them out of the way. This machete is super light. It’s my choice for backpacking. In addition to chopping, this does all but the smallest knife chores and digs well enough I don’t need a trowel.

    I made a simple sheath out of a piece of printer paper folded in half long ways and covered with duct tape. I stuffed a paper towel in the end to protect the tip from poking through. A simple lace tied around the machete retains the sheath in a folded over position in order to retain the blade cover when the machete is lashed to my pack.

    Tim W.

  3. David Crawford (verified owner)

    I received one with a bent blade

    David Crawford

    • Shelly Allen

      Good evening Mr. Crawford, please send us picture(s) of the blade and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement. Our email address is [email protected].

      Shelly Allen