Imacasa 22 Inch Chumpa D-Handled Machete

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Imacasa Machetes, El Salvador
  • Blade Length: 22″
  • Overall Length: 27″
  • 1075 High Carbon Clip Point Bush/ Latin Machete
  • High impact polypropylene handle
  • Weighted bush / Latin styled blade
  • Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.
  • Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective.
  • Sheath sold separately

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This chumpa machete features a fairly evenly weighted blade with an trailing clip point that comes factory sharpened on both sides.

Imacasa is based in Santa Ana, El Salvador, but produces machetes for almost all of the Americas. Imacasa machetes and cutting tools are designed to excel in industries such as agricultural, construction and gardening.

Imacasa is the sister company of Condor Machetes, whose reputation of producing quality machetes has been established for over two centuries.

Like Condor, Imacasa produces excellent quality machetes and has a marketing policy directed toward customer satisfaction in each region. With their willingness to adapt to local styles and quality manufacturing, Imacasa machetes have received great acceptance and a big demand in many markets.

Pirate Sword

Yes, this certainly does look like a pirate sword and we’ve had customers buy this to use with a pirate costume. You may be interested in a cutlass instead. Check out our cutlass selection, which come with sheaths

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Blade Length

22 in.

Total Length

26 3/4 in.


1 lb. 3 oz.

Width at Widest Point

2 3/8 in.

Blade Composition

1075 High Carbon Steel

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

2.1 mm. / 1.44 mm.

Blade Style


Blade Detail

Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.

Full Tang


Handle Material

Hard Plastic / Polypropylene

Handle Style


Country of Origin

El Salvador

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  1. Jim Cracker (verified owner)

    Blade and handle balance almost in the middle giving a super light and lively feel. Blade not weighted or thick at end so it does not cut heavy wood with authority but you can whip it to speed easily and turn around to use the sharpened clipped point to hook or grab thin thorny vines or snakes, roots, etc.. Great handle for broad range of grips; I wear XXL gloves and the grip is perfect therefore can be sanded down for custom hand sizes;
    Blade VERY thin with distal taper so it is light and fast but not floppy. Very little deflection when held horizontal. Can be held by the D ring bottom with middle finger adding several inches to your reach giving you a 28 inch blade and can be choked up on to allow fine work with index finger in front of handle very comfortably with no weight on the blade so it floats. Bought it as an all around machete for here in Florida including canoeing, hiking, ATV, camping, self defense if needed but might be too thin for getting down and dirty or stabbing so I will just keep the heater in the pocket.
    If you are a backyard Operator taking down Uncle Sugars latest bad guy for money, you might need to stick with the Ninja sword, but if you do battle for fishing spots this, paired with a pistol, will guarantee your fishing hole rights by intimidation alone. 7th generation Florida Cracker (Creek Indian-European) with extensive machete history says you will like this all around machete if you need a do it all blade with a great multifaceted handle.

    Jim Cracker