Why a Machete is the Ultimate Survival Tool

When it comes to survival, being prepared with the right gear is essential. Learn more about what makes a machete the perfect survival tool.

In today’s unpredictable world, it’s a good idea to be ready for anything. Having the right equipment can make all the difference during a survival scenario. Whether you’re lost in the woods or stranded in a rainforest, a few simple tools can give you a distinct advantage over the forces of nature. Take some time to learn more about the most helpful survival tools and why a quality machete could be all you need to make it out of a challenging situation.

What Type of Tool is Necessary During a Survival Scenario?

The best survival tools are versatile, well-crafted, and highly adaptable to various environments. Consider the kind of obstacles you can expect to encounter when exposed to the elements and what sort of tools can help you adapt to the circumstances. A few of the most critical items in your survival toolkit should include a method for producing fire and a cutting device like an ax to create firewood and shelter. It’s also essential to have a way to grab the attention of potential rescuers with a signaling device like a flare or signal mirror.

What Makes a Machete the Ultimate Survival Multitool?

Although it’s possible to purchase individual tools for each of your survival needs, a machete covers all of the bases in one compact package. Machetes are multi-functional, durable, and incredibly dependable. During emergency events, having access to a machete can make any crisis much less strenuous to manage. A machete is extremely useful for a range of purposes, including:

  • Signal Mirror: A clean machete blade can work well as a signal mirror when angled against sunlight. Flashes of light from the machete will help rescuers from the air or ground hone in on your location. For best results, keep the sides of your machete polished in case of emergencies.
  • Firestarter: Strike a piece of flint with the edge of a machete to create sparks for a fire. Machetes are also effective at cutting up pieces of dry vegetation to use as kindling. You can also use a machete as a fire poker to adjust the embers and keep the fire going.
  • Shovel: Carrying a traditional shovel can be a burden, especially when survival is at stake. Save valuable energy and space by carrying a machete, using its broad blade to dig out post holes, or reshape the campsite. Use the bottom of the handle to tamp down the dirt around posts, further securing the framework of your shelter.
  • Food Preparation: A sharp knife is essential for skinning mammals or descaling and filleting fish. A quality machete makes preparing meals faster, cleaner, and more efficient. You will also have an easier time cutting up collected fruits or vegetables that are difficult to chop raw such as potatoes, pineapples, or coconuts.
  • Foraging Tool: A machete makes it easier to collect the materials needed to build a shelter. Use a machete to clear away overgrowth from tree branches and shave away the bark. Machetes can even be utilized like an ax to fell entire trees.

3 Best Machetes to Use as a Survival Tool

The rich history of the machete dates back thousands of years, as it has been a trusted tool by many different people across the world. Machetes have long served as a critical tool for agriculture, but it has also carved out a place as a necessary survival tool for explorers, naturalists, and campers. Across the world, various types of machetes have been developed and used. Among the numerous variations, here are three of the best machetes to have in a survival situation.

Machete Type #1: Bowie Machetes

The Bowie knife has long been a tool synonymous with the American frontier. Named after the seasoned survivalist Jim Bowie, the Bowie machete can prove to be an invaluable resource for surviving the wilds of nature. The simplistic, intuitive design of a Bowie machete is ideal for a variety of uses. An upward curving tip similar to a falchion is a primary defining feature of the machete, giving the tool a distinctive weight and profile perfect for slashing away vines or brush. The Bowie machete is also an excellent tool for preparing food and skinning wild game — making it the perfect utility tool for outdoorsmen.

Machete Type #2: Parang Machetes

The parang machete stands apart from others due to its flowing design that gradually becomes wider toward the top of the blade. This design comes from the string of islands throughout the East Indies known as the Malay Archipelago. The design of the parang machete is exceptional at cutting through the dense tropical jungles of the region. Parang machetes are well-suited for chopping wood while maintaining the stability needed for more detailed work like skinning animals. The relatively small size of the parang combined with an ergonomic handle makes this machete an ideal option for any user in a survival situation.

Machete Type #3: Kukri Machetes

The Kukri is one of the most historically popular machetes ever created. Used by the revered Gurkhas of Nepal, stories of the Kukri machete appear to date back thousands of years. Even today, this multi-purpose tool remains a vital aspect of daily life in Nepalese culture. The unusual shape of the Kukri machete lends itself to many diverse applications. For instance, the heavier, broader end of the blade makes the Kukri machete perfect for clearing a path in dense vegetation or digging, while the narrow tip makes short work of cutting through fur or fish. Near the handle, the narrow section of the blade is useable for carving or whittling.

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