Why a Full Tang Machete Might Be the Right Choice for You

As many experienced outdoorsmen already know, the strength of a machete largely depends on the quality of its craftsmanship. While the type of metal used in the blade, the weight, and the overall style of the machete are important factors to consider, one of the most critical aspects of a quality machete lies hidden beneath the handle.

In full tang machetes, the blade extends through the entire length of the handle where rivets secure everything together. Knives and machetes with a full tang are much better at withstanding the rigors of daily use, making them far less likely to break due to repetitive or strenuous use.

With partial tang machetes, the blade only extends slightly into the handle. Machetes with a partial tang show less resilience against heavy use, especially when applying significant force to the blade edge. Knives and machetes that feature a partial tang are usually more affordable than their full tang counterparts as they are easier to produce, but this type of construction can drastically diminish the blade’s lifespan and functionality. 

If you’re looking for a top-quality survival tool that can stand the test of time, chances are a full tang machete will be your best bet. Take a few moments to learn more about what makes full tang machetes superior to other models so you can make the most informed buying decision.

Benefits of a Full Tang Machete

Since the blade and handle consist of one continuous piece of metal, from tip to butt, full tang machetes are easily the most durable models available on the market. In addition, machetes with a full tang handle have a much better weight distribution since the balance point rests closer to the blade’s center. The result is a machete that is easier to wield and provides a smoother strike profile compared to other machete models. Due to this balanced weight distribution, a full tang machete can last much longer than partial tang blades due to its ability to handle the stress of long-term use.

When it comes to outdoor work like chopping wood or cutting through fibrous vines, a full tang machete is the best tool for the job. Again, thanks to the balanced design, splitting and cutting through heavy-duty materials becomes easier as the distributed weight can evenly disburse through the target. 

Aside from its superior strength, resilience, and functionality, machetes with a full tang handle also look more aesthetically pleasing than machetes with a partial, push, or rat-tail tang. The more authentic visual appeal of full tang construction makes these blades both an excellent decorative gift and functional survival companion for any avid outdoor enthusiast.

Another advantage to owning a full tang machete is that the blade remains usable even if the handle snaps off. Most full tang blade handles are sandwiched between two pieces of wood or another material, secured in place with rivets. If the handle breaks in the field, it’s possible to use rope or tape on a full tang blade to create a makeshift grip. When the handle of a partial tang machete falls apart, the blade itself is useless until the handle is repaired or replaced.

Full Tang Machetes You Can Trust

With so many blade manufacturers out there, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best machete to suit your needs. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the list to a few noteworthy full tang models. Here are three machetes to consider: 

Martindale 27.5-Inch Bush Machete With Wooden Grip

This incredibly impressive Martindale machete features a massive 27.5-inch blade made from top-tier polished British carbon steel. The longer cutting edge gives this model significant reach, ideal for slashing overgrowth and thick vegetation. Weighing in at only 1 lb. 9 oz. this machete is incredibly easy to wield, as well – limiting fatigue.

One of the most interesting features of this Martindale Bush Machete is the three grooves that extend the entire length of the blade, a practical addition that prevents the machete from sticking to sapwood. The blade itself rests inside a beautiful, full tang German beechwood handle that works well to tie the whole ensemble together. This machete will require sharpening out of the box before it’s ready for use.

Martindale 10-Inch Crocodile Paratrooper Machete

If you’re interested in a more discrete model, this 10-inch Martindale Paratrooper Machete is worth checking out. Its shorter 10-inch blade and feather-light one-pound weight make this blade easy to transport, serving as an excellent utility tool for excursions out in the wild. The parang style edge provides robust chopping power while functioning equally well for precision work like cutting kindling, skinning game, or preparing food. The machete’s carbon steel blade flows elegantly into a full tang quillon handle, held in place with two solid steel rivets.

Additional features that help this machete stand out include the word “paratrooper” stamped into the hardwood handle and a small lanyard hole set into the hilt to attach a wrist loop. This blade will require some sharpening before it’s ready for the field, and a green canvas sheath is available for purchase separately. This machete demonstrates the quality and premium craftsmanship that’s become synonymous with the Martindale name.

Condor 10-Inch Blue River Machete

The most visually engaging model on the list is the beautifully engineered 10-inch Blue River Machete by Condor. Manufactured with 1075 high carbon steel, the blade features an elegant curve along the edge most commonly seen in high-quality culinary knives. The machete’s handle is made with natural walnut wood and is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort.

In addition, a band of reconstituted turquoise is set into the full tang handle, adding a unique touch to this already exceptional machete. This machete comes with a lanyard attached and includes an elegantly embroidered leather sheath. While somewhat more pricey than the other full tang machetes on this list, the remarkable craftsmanship and pre-sharpened blade certainly make this Condor blade well worth the investment.

Best Selection of Full Tang Machetes

At Machete Specialists, we strive to provide the best quality blades in the world made from today’s top manufacturers. Browse our wide selection of full tang machetes — and don’t forget to check out our inventory of sheaths, sharpeners, and other useful accessories. Contact us today for help finding the perfect survival tool for all your adventures in the great outdoors.