Why Were Machetes Invented?

The Meaning and Origin of the Machete

Knives are out! It’s time to give more credit to the ultimate outdoor tool: the machete. And no, we’re not talking about the infamous anti-hero from the silver screen — although he did own one, indeed. We’re referring to an instrument so powerful that it can cut, slash, or scrape pretty much anything that crosses its path.  

Now, don’t go ahead and type out “machete meaning” into your favorite search engine just yet. We did the hard work for you. Below you’ll find all there is to know about a revolutionary utensil that’s a cut above the rest!  

What is a Machete?

A machete is a chopping tool that’s popular in agriculture, camping, landscaping, and other widespread outdoor activities. There are as many machete types are there are reasons to use them. The main characteristic that tells machetes apart from other tools is their broad, sharp blade. Yet, their shapes and sizes do vary. 

The word “machete” is a variation of the Spanish term “macho,” which means sledgehammer. If that’s not cool enough, it’s also synonymous with masculine and tough. So, there’s no denying the machete has always seen as a tool of power and prestige.

How to Use a Machete?

Handling a machete is not rocket science. It doesn’t call for brute force either, but it does require some skill. Even when using one for the most mundane tasks, you’ve got to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. The blade is large enough to wreak havoc if you’re not paying attention. To safely use a machete, you must

  • Never swing it across your torso and limbs
  • Carry it in a high-quality machete sheath
  • Use a pinch grip for a more flexible and natural movement range
  • Maintain a striking angle of 45 degrees
  • Always ensure your machete is sharp enough

Follow these tips to safeguard against facing a dangerous or fatal accident.  

Why Were Machetes Invented?

Although it’s hard to pinpoint who first created them, machetes have evolved along with humankind. Cavemen would create machete-like weapons to defend themselves and hunt. Fast-forward to the first settlements, and the machete played a massive role in agriculture, warfare, and even construction.  

The truth is that this terrific instrument helped many civilizations thrive through the ages. Here are some examples of machete enthusiast throughout history:  

  • The Greeks created the kopis
  • The Germanic tribes came up with the seax
  • ‌The Malaysian invented the parang
  • ‌The Chinese had the dao — also known as “The General of All Weapons”
  • The Nepalese provided their soldiers with the kukri
  • The Spanish armies had the fascine
  • The Japanese developed the katana

Nowadays, machetes still come in handy for several purposes. Some people use them every day at work or while enjoying their favorite pastimes. Having a machete is convenient when gardening, camping, hiking, foraging, and butchering. Some intrepid individuals even use theirs for shaving!

When a Knife Won’t Cut It

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