Smith’s Axe & Machete Sharpener

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  • Quickly sharpens a dull machete with just a few easy pulls
  • Durable – plastic head for easier sharpening
  • Replaceable carbide blades
  • Oversized handle allows for use with gloves
  • Large safety guard
  • Cleaning brush with wire bristles stores in handle
  • Abrasive: Premium Carbides
  • Grit: Coarse

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Smith’s #50582 Handheld Axe and Machete Sharpener is the perfect tool to use for keeping your machete, axe, or hatchet in prime condition. This simple and easy to use sharpener uses preset carbide blades to quickly put a smooth, sharp edge on both sides of your blade in just minutes. It has a durable plastic head and a large finger guard for safe and secure sharpening at all times. The oversized handle makes this sharpener easy to use even with gloves on (recommended). It also comes with a wire-bristled cleaning brush that stores conveniently in the product handle.

Best Machete Sharpener

This is one of the best machete sharpeners available. Some machete fans prefer a machete sharpening puck. They also do a great job, give lots of control over the edge, and fit in your pocket better.

Pick one up for Father’s Day, hunting season, Christmas, Spring, Fall. Keeping landscaping and brush clearing tools in prime condition is easy with this DIY repair tool. Keep lawn and yard tools sharp and ready to work.

How to Sharpen a machete video cover
How to Sharpen a machete – video

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

One of the best machete sharpeners available, Smith’s Axe & Machete Sharpener is also perfectly designed for sharpening any large blades. Lawn mower blade sharpening can be done with just a few pulls.  Be sure to check that your lawn mower blade is balanced.  This How To Sharpen & Balance Lawn Mower Blade video gives some great tips.

About Smith’s Machete Sharpener

Smith’s has been a trusted name in the sharpening industry for over 125 years. Throughout their history, they have been focused on a single mission: Provide customers and consumers with the best value in easy-to-use and effective sharpening and specialty tool products. Their continued focus on this mission has led them to the top of the industry as the leader in the manufacture and distribution of manual sharpening products.

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  1. Maria Baumann

    I watched Josh on You tube. How to sharpen your machete 101. He is great explaining very thoroughly for a dummy like me, trying to take care some thing around my yard. Thanks Josh for great lesion learning.
    Maria Baumann

    Maria Baumann

  2. Bob O’Boyle


    Bob O’Boyle

  3. Steve

    This sharpener seems extermely well thought out. The big handle and wide guard make it easy to use even on really beat up blades. I have a 14″ tramontina bolo machete that had giant chunks out of the blade hitting concrete and metal too many times. This sharpener made quick work of that mess and brought it back to life. Brush in the handle – brilliant too.


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