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Tramontina 24 Inch Bush Machete with Canvas Sheath

Tramontina 24 Inch Bush Machete with Canvas Sheath
Item# TR26616024MSSH
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Product Description

Due to popular demand, the Machete Specialists 24 Inch Green Canvas Sheath is out of stock. At this time, if you order this combo, you will receive the Cold Steel 24 Inch Latin Machete Sheath .

Machete and Sheath Package. Tramontina machetes are simply the machete of Brazil. And yes, they know their machetes in Brazil. A no frills, economical work machete.

Brand: Tramontina

Total Length: 29 inch

Blade Length: 24 inch

Blade thickness above handle/at tip: 1.25 mm/1 mm

Blade width at handle/widest point: 4 cm/6 cm

Weight of Machete: 1 lb 3 oz

Blade Composition: SAE 1070 High-Carbon Steel

Blade Detail: Primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge. Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective.

Style: Bush

Handle: Black poly handle with full tang.

Features: NHeavy Duty Green Canvas Sheath Included. Made in Brazil.