Tramontina 18 Inch Bush Machete with Wood Handle

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Tramontina Machetes, Brazil
  • Blade Length: 18″
  • Overall Length: 23″
  • Natural Color Wood Handle
  • Bush Style SAE 1070 High-Carbon Steel
  • Imported from Brazil
  • Primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge.
  • Not aesthetically pristine and may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective.
  • Sheath sold separately

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In many ways Tramontina is the machete of Brazil. And yes, they know their machetes in Brazil. Tramontina machetes are used by rural workers in the hinterlands of South America. These machetes are now becoming more and more popular outside of Brazil as Tramontina value is truly extraordinary. A no frills, economical work machete.

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Blade Length

18 in.

Total Length

23 in.


1 lb. 2 oz.

Width at Widest Point

2 3/8 in.

Blade Composition

SAE 1070 High-Carbon Steel

Blade Style

Blade Thickness (Above Handle / At Tip)

2.2 mm. / 1.5 mm.

Blade Detail

Primary grind established at factory but may require sharpening before first use.

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Handle Features


Handle Material


Handle Style


Country of Origin


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4.9 overall

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  1. rg

    Incredible value. Wood handle version is much more comfortable that the plastic one. Sharpens easy and holds an edge very well. Amazing how effective this is at clearing small trees.


  2. Cristian Vargas

    Yeah I have two of them. Extremely effective and easy to sharpen with a large wet stone being that they are made of carbon fiber. The only drawl back is that if left outdoors they rust easy. Nothing that you can’t take care of with some remengton gun lubricating oil, I use it on all my carbon steel blades.

    Cristian Vargas

  3. JM

    I pulled out a dremel and a file and took off about 3 to 3 and a half inches off the tip to change it into a parang style. Then rounded the handle a bit. Super fun afternoon project. I will stain the handle today. A parang for 16 bucks. Can’t beat it. It is pretty close to my 14 inch tram now, but just a parang. Loads of fun.


  4. Donn

    OK, I’m voting twice here, but, I just took out a fresh 6″ birch stump, and used this machete to do most of the work, cutting off the big roots. No dynamite, no 4-wheeler, just mainly a machete and a small shovel.


  5. Rob (verified owner)

    What a great value! Sharpens easily to a near-razor edge. Edge retention has been good. I use it to clear an overgrown area with a large downed tree so I can work safely with my chainsaw. It breezes through the softer stuff like it isn’t there. I have also used it to cut smaller (1/2-3/4″ diameter) hickory branches from the tree. No edge rolling, chipping or deformation. Have used it frequently and not needed to resharpen.
    I did go over it with a file to clean up the factory edge and get the tip sharpened. Then a couple of passes with a diamond hone. I have cut piles of stuff with it and it has not needed to be resharpened yet. Great tool at a great price. Very satisfied with this purchase!


  6. Ron (verified owner)

    Just rec’d my New Machete, and Love it. Quality all the way for a Reasonable price. Delivered it sooner than I expected. Great Job


  7. Robert

    Does the job, easy to sharpen because it is not made of hardened steel. It has a long blade so it has weight behind every swing. It’s only draw back is it’s soft metal, which requires constant sharpening. A bench grinder or a file is a necessity and I wish it had a saw blade on the back side.


  8. Robert Noe

    I purchased several of these on multiple trips to Brasil. Only paid about $3 a dozen years ago. This is a serious work tool. Saw them to work in the sugar cane fields. They are often reshaped so mane times that the steel is half of the original width. I highly recommend this as a working or even a self defense tool. You wl not be disappointed at the current prices.

    Robert Noe

  9. Donn

    This appears to be the heaviest of your ordinary 18 inch machetes by a couple ounces if the listed weights are accurate, and it really delivers a chop. It’s comfortable to work with, but you know you’re holding it.


  10. Dr_V

    Best quality for this price range. I have 3 of these 22, 18 and 12″, I use them on a wide variety of tasks and I’m extremely pleased with their performance and endurance. The 18″ is the most versatile, but if you need to cut larger saplings or thick branches the 22″ will serve you better, while the smaller ones (12 or 14″) are more comfortable to carry (when hiking for example).


  11. Janson

    For safety reasons the tip of the blade isn’t sharpened at the factory. The tip is the most likely part of the blade to get injured on during use, so they leave it dull. That is not a problem, and can be sharpened with a steel file in just minutes. The factory cutting edge is for utility, and all cutting tools eventually need to be resharpened; there are no exceptions. This is a good machete, simplistic, and very tough. Also, there’s plenty of material on the blade and handle to work with if you want to modify it. I purchased mine at Lowe’s for $15 and it came with a pretty nice black nylon sheath. Tramontina makes machetes in a country that knows the tool intimately, and that fact is very clear. The 1070 carbon steel blade is tempered just right, the hardwood handle is very nice, and its performance is excellent. Don’t hesitate because of a low selling price, Tramontina doesn’t need to rob your wallet to provide you with a great cutting tool. The blade resharpens about the same as any other long carbon steel blade, it will take a few minutes and shouldn’t be rushed. I am very happy with mine, and would recommend it to anyone needing to clear some brush, make a trail, or prune some overgrowth. But it’s also excellent for camping, hiking, and hunting. I won’t go into details, but it can field-dress a deer (the quartering) with ease. The overall machete has a rigid flexibility that won’t bend out of shape, it doesn’t tend to bounce if you make a bad swing, and stays sharp longer than other 1055 carbon steel machetes. The 1070 carbon steel used by Tramontina is done right, and it will prove itself over and over again. Perhaps this might help, and as always, be safe out there.


  12. Alan Wesley

    A basic, nicely priced machete that works well and sharpens easily to a nice edge. I wish I had bought one years ago for all the trimming, clearing and pruning I do here. Adds a bit of fun to the work.

    Alan Wesley

  13. Al B.

    I love this one. It’s my workhorse for clearing the backyard in the fall and spring

    Al B.

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