What Makes Thai Machetes a Popular Choice?

While machetes are typically versatile, Thai machetes are one of a kind, which date back to the ancient swords used by Thai warriors in battle centuries ago.

These swords were known for the extreme length of their blades and handles, which made them easy to maneuver, stable, and capable of producing significant striking power. Thai swords were the perfect weapon to create enough space between the sword wielder and the attacker. The center-near pivot allowed for high rotation speed and multipart movement patterns, and the tight grip helped deliver blunt strikes — two key features found in today’s Thai machetes, making them among the best machetes available.

One Thai machete that we like in particular is the one produced by Cold Steel. Designed by Thai martial arts expert Lynn Thompson, Cold Steel’s two-hand machetes are proof of Thompson’s extensive training and exploration surrounding the versatility of these ancient swords.

Nowadays, it’s no secret that Thai machetes are a popular choice for clearing brush and grass, surviving in the woods, and more. 

The Uniqueness and Versatility of Thai Machetes

As we said, Thai machetes are some of the best machetes you’ll find on the market today. Like its ancient counterpart, the Thai machete is well balanced with a notoriously sharp tip. But unlike its ancestor, it’s not designed for combat. Instead, this long-curved tool is intended to cut and clear away shrubs, for example, or any other form of debris. It can be used by campers and survivalists as well as farmers and land surveyors alike, serving as a dependable tool for anyone in need of a sharp cutting tool with a unique design.

Superb versatility and construction make Thai machetes easy to use. They deliver extreme slicing power with the swing of a hand. Here are several other features and components that make Thai machetes among the best machetes around. 


The Thai machete looks just like the ancient swords that Thai warriors used to fight Chinese invaders in Thailand more than 4,000 years ago. Overall, the machete is made with high-quality materials that enhance its performance and durability. The blade is longer than many other machete styles, with a pointed tip and an unbelievably sharp edge, and a rounded handle that is extra-long, allowing a user to grab the machete with both hands. This grip action gives you more balance and control while working with this tool. Additionally, the Thai machete has a lightweight design that allows repetitive use, so you won’t tire easily from swinging it.


Cold Steel’s Thai machete has a 22-inch blade forged from high carbon steel — another reason why it’s such a popular choice. The sharply curved cutting blade is 2.8 millimeters thick, so you’re assured toughness, extra strength, and a sharp, cutting edge. The blade has an anti-rust, matte black finish. This doesn’t just give the blade a vintage look but also protects it, guaranteeing use for several seasons ahead.

There’s more to this blade than what we’ve just described. It has exceptional edge retention, so you won’t need to sharpen it before every use. Instead, you can wait a while, using a stone or any other sharpening tool to do so when the time comes. 

Make your way through brush, vines, light foliage, tall grass, and overgrowth easily using a Thai machete — these blades typically don’t sustain any breaks or chips. That’s because the machete’s blade extends to its handle to form a full tang construction that enhances its strength and durability.


The Thai machete by Cold Steel has a 14.5-inch handle that’s made with polypropylene and designed with a flattened oval grip, preventing twists or turns when you hold it. These materials along with a round-textured design ensure that the machete won’t slip from your grip even when the handle’s wet. That means you can use it in any climate condition. 

When you’re done working with your Thai machete, you can place its heavy-duty sheath over the blade for storage. Walking long distances or trekking through the jungle is made much easier with a Thai machete, especially when you sling the sheath across your back. 

How To Take Care of Your Thai Machete

You don’t want to reduce the functionality of the Thai machete. Here are tips on how to take care of and maintain the machete on your own.

Sharpen the Blade

The Thai machete is remarkably sharp, but you’ll still need to sharpen it from time to time if you want optimal performance. It’s recommended to sharpen the blade after a few uses with any of the following tools:

  • Belt sanders: These will help you easily apply light pressure on your Thai machete to gain heavy sharpening. 
  • Grinders: For aggressive sharpening that removes large nicks, dullness, and restores general sharpness, use a grinder. 
  • Hones or mill files: They’re cheap but will sharpen the Thai machete’s large blade. 
  • Whetstones: A whetstone will give your Thai machete a more polished edge. 

Oil the Blade

Because the Thai machete’s blade is made of carbon steel, you’ll need to cover it with oil to prevent rust. The light oil you apply will prevent blade corrosion. It is recommended to use non-detergent oils for best results.

More About Thai Machetes

Thai machetes stand out for their unique construction and cutting ability. If you’re looking for a durable Thai machete that you can rely on during all four seasons, check out more machete information here at Machete Specialists. Our team consists of industry experts who can suggest the right machete to meet your needs.