The Best Jungle Machetes

Machetes remain among the most useful survival tools available. If you’re planning an excursion into the dense overgrowth, having the right machete can make the journey much easier. Moving through an environment like a jungle can consume a tremendous amount of energy, with obstacles like vines, bushes, trees, and stray branches covering every inch of your path. In the thickest jungles, seeing more than 50 to 100 feet ahead is next to impossible.

It’s much easier to clear a path through thick vegetation with the assistance of a jungle machete. Along with aiding in mobility, a machete also serves as an invaluable survival tool if you need to camp out in the elements. This tool makes short work of chores like chopping firewood, crafting a shelter, slicing up foods, and even digging holes. The best jungle machetes can withstand even the harshest conditions, offering a wide range of capabilities to help you thrive during your time in the heart of the wild.

What to Consider When Picking a Jungle Machete

Machetes vary widely, so it’s critical to choose a design that best compliments the work you intend to do. Before picking a machete, take some time to consider:

Blade Material

Selecting a machete that is strong and rugged enough for jungle environments often comes down to the strength of its blade. For this reason, the majority of machete blades are either made from 1075 carbon steel or stainless steel. While carbon steel is the stronger of the two metals, this material can be difficult to sharpen and may rust somewhat faster than stainless.  

Blade Shape

Another factor to consider when buying a jungle machete is the shape of the blade itself. Imagine how you expect to use the machete out in the wild. Will you be more focused on slashing vines to carve out a path in the jungle, or do you need a machete for field-dressing game? Longer blades will provide more slashing power to cut through stubborn branches and overgrowth, but a shorter blade is easier to maneuver during precision work like skinning animals.

Blade Weight

While a heavier machete does provide more slashing power, the extra weight can potentially tire you after a few hours in the jungle. On the other extreme, a machete that is too light may make it difficult to effectively cut through thick vegetation. Try to find a machete that you can easily wield for extended periods without getting tired.

Blade Length

Longer blades provide greater reach and slashing power, while shorter blades are perfect for more detailed work like carving wood or preparing food. When charting a path through the jungle is your primary objective, a longer, curved blade will likely provide more utility than a shorter one. Likewise, if you don’t expect to leave the campsite very often, a small, discrete machete may be the better option.

Machete Handle

Another essential aspect of any machete is the handle. Find a machete with a comfortable, sturdy grip that won’t slip from your hand in wet conditions. A wrist loop is another valuable feature that can add stability and control. Many machetes also come equipped with blade guards to prevent injury to the knuckles or fingers during use.

The Top 5 Best Jungle Machetes

The best jungle machetes are rugged, sturdy, and reliable enough to handle any situation. With so many different machetes available today, finding the right one for your needs may take a little investigation. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the list to five of the best jungle machetes on the market.


Featuring a bowie-style blade and elegant full tang Micarta handle, the Condor Atrox is an excellent machete for both practical and decorative purposes. This blade is made from rugged 1075 carbon steel and comes directly from El Salvador with a razor-sharp edge, ready to cut through vines or brush with ease. The Condor Atrox Knife includes a Kydex leather sheath and belt loop for easy transport during your jungle adventures.


Another outstanding blade to aid trekking through the jungle is the visually stunning 17-inch Condor Parang. This elegant machete consists of 1075 high carbon steel that gradually widens from the hilt to the tip, offering excellent slashing and chopping power. The comfortable full tang handle is made from American hardwood, providing a smooth, secure grip while accentuating the sleek aesthetics of the blade.


When it comes to quality and performance, the American-made Ontario 22 Inch Traditional Machete is difficult to beat. Ontario manufactures these machetes following U.S. government standards, and the result is a truly unique, dependable product. This machete’s longer blade is ideal for quickly slashing a path through large swathes of dense vegetation. However, the Ontario 22 inch traditional machete ships unsharpened and will need sharpening out of the box before it’s ready for the jungle.


If you’re looking for a well-rounded, multipurpose jungle tool, the Imacasa 15 inch Caribbean Bolo Machete is worth a look. This machete features a broad tip that magnifies its chopping power, making it capable of slashing through the thickest jungle vegetation. A bolo machete is also perfect for cutting into the thick shells of tropical fruits like coconuts or pineapples. The Imacasa 15 inch Caribbean Bolo features a high carbon steel blade nestled into a comfortable, quillion-style handle.


Last on the list is the Tactical-Ops USA 10 7/8 Inch Steel Eagle Machete, a beautifully crafted blade that comes with both a ballistic nylon sheath and MOLLE attachments. The blade itself consists of 1095 steel that runs nearly 11 inches to a razor-sharp, tanto tip. Its serrated backside allows for precision sawing through thick branches, vines, and other materials, making this machete a valuable companion in the jungle. 

The Best Jungle Machetes You Can Find

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