The Best Machete for Clearing Brush

Machetes are an excellent multipurpose tool built to handle a variety of scenarios successfully. Many professionals, hobbyists, and adventurers use them for clearing brush during their day-to-day tasks and expeditions. Yet, the process of clearing brush may vary significantly between different environments. You won’t be using the same machete to deal with vines, tall grasses, and low-lying plants as you would to make your way through a more woody landscape with trees and bushes. 

How to Choose the Best Machete for Clearing Brush

Your reason for needing to clear brush has a hand in determining what type of machete you will need. For example, a surveyor might use an entirely different machete than an agricultural worker, as they might need different results. Some other factors you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect machete for your brush clearing purposes are:

  • Durability — or how your machete will stand up to repeated use
  • Length — or whether you need a longer or shorter reach
  • Weight — to determine the force you’ll need for each of your swings
  • Ease of use — you want your machete to simplify your work
  • Blade design — which the reasons for use or specific environment heavily influences

Machetes We Love for Clearing Brush

Using the right machete will make your work much easier, cleaner, faster, and safer. Yet, we understand there are numerous options in the market, and selecting the most suitable model can get a bit overwhelming. 

Once you have a clearer idea of what you want to achieve with your machete and where you’ll be clearing brush, it’s time to choose the best one for your demands. Here are some of our favorite choices:

1. Hansa 24-inch Lampon Aguila Machete

With a terrific weighted blade, this 24-inch machete is an excellent choice for thick vegetation. Hansa machetes are well-known among farmers and machete lovers for their superior quality. Manufactured in Ecuador, these machetes are quite a popular option for agricultural purposes in the Andes region of South America and as a standard survival tool for the Ecuadorian Special Forces.

Rare in North America, you can still find this wonderful alternative in the Machete Specialists’ catalog. Users rate the Hansa 24-inch Lampon Anguila Machete highly and recommend it for diverse uses like chopping vegetation while hiking the woods. This tool is heavy enough for branches and small trees but not so heavy that it will cause a sore wrist after chopping vines and palmettos. 

Features of the Hansa 24-inch Lampon Aguila machete:

  • Orange plastic injected and multi-riveted handle that’s easy to spot among vegetation
  • Polished high carbon steel 24″ blade, quenched and tempered for maximum flexibility
  • Primary grind established at the factory

2. Martindale 13-inch Golok No.2 Machete

Ralph Martindale’s products are an old-time favorite at Machete Specialists. Their machetes are manufactured in Thailand, and their Crocodile blades feature the highest-quality hot-rolled British steel produced at the Martindale’s mill. The handle is made from German beechwood with cross-sawn timber for maximum strength and stability. Both elements are fitted together with solid steel rivets and washers for maximum endurance. 

A key feature of these superb blades is their tapered strip section, which is perfect for optimizing its chipping and cutting characteristics and improving its weight. Buyers praise this machete’s durability, solid handle, and weight and recommend it for multiple purposes that range from hacking grass to cutting down sizable limbs.

Features of the Martindale 13-inch Golok No. 2 machete:

  • Natural color, German beechwood handle for a polished look
  • High-quality, hot-rolled British polished carbon steel 13″ blade
  • Primary grind established at the factory

3. Condor 11-inch Pack Golok

This machete has a traditional Southeast Asian design with a tip that’s suitable for digging and prying. Its curved handle allows an easy chopping action. Don’t be fooled by the Condor Pack Golok’s small size. This powerful machete is tough enough for all things survival — perfect for any camping scenario. The brand, originally from Solinger, Germany, has 225 years of experience and is committed to providing users with a superior cutting tool that can withstand the passage of time. 

The craftsmanship put into Condor machetes is unmatchable. While initially designed for military use, these tools have evolved into fitting the needs of agricultural workers and other machete enthusiasts. They all come with a heavy-duty leather, ballistic nylon, or Kydex sheath for added safety when off duty and to keep the blade in top condition. Our customers say Condor machetes are a jack-of-all-trades for your camping, backwoods, survival, and yard work needs. 

Features of the Condor 11-inch Pack Golok machete:

  • Overall Length — 17″
  • Smooth walnut handle that’s triple-riveted for extra strength
  • Golok style 11″ blade
  • Razor-sharp from the factory — no additional sharpening required
  • Heavy-duty, thick leather sheath included with purchase

4. Ontario 18-inch Military Sawback Machete

The Ontario Knife Company is one of the most reputable machete providers in the market. They have over 125 years in business, and they’re experts in military-grade machetes under the U.S. Government specifications. That same quality has permeated their entire machete line, with blades built with the highest-quality carbon steel and a zinc-phosphate finish — making these a dependable choice when it comes to clearing brush of all types.

Features of the Ontario 18-inch Military Sawback machete:

  • Overall Length: 23 1/4″
  • High-impact, shatterproof polymer handle
  • Bush/Latin-style 10″ blade
  • Straight edge on the belly
  • Sawback on the spine

5. Imacasa 18-inch Cuta Corn Machete

Also known as the tunca machete, the Imacasa Cuta Corn is a powerhouse. It’s heavily weighted to allow you to effortlessly cut through robust vegetation, and its blunt tip allows you to work where space is a restriction. Perfect for brush and canes, this high-quality machete is a staple in your brush clearing toolkit. 

Imacasa is a Salvatorian company based in Santa Ana that produces machetes for the Americas. They offer cutting-edge tools for agricultural, construction, and gardening work. Their policy is directed toward customer satisfaction, and they have a solid commitment to adapt to local styles. That’s why their machetes have one of the highest acceptance rates and significant demand in numerous markets across the continent.

Features of the Imacasa 18-inch Cuta Corn machete:

  • Overall Length: 23″
  • High-impact polypropylene handle
  • Straight cane 18″ blade

Find the Best Machete for Clearing Brush

Clearing brush doesn’t have to be a nightmarish task. It all depends on whether you use the right machete for the job. Our top picks are excellent alternatives to handle your brush clearing endeavors like a pro. At Machete Specialists, we want to see you succeed with tools made to suit your environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re an agricultural worker, landscaper, land surveyor, hobbyist, adventurer, machete collector — you name it. There’s an option in our catalog that’s right for you. Check out which machete is right for you.